12 exciting date adventures for you and your spouse in the Annapolis area

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dateadventureBy Rose Talbot

Date adventures don't have to be a thing of the past for Baltimore/Annapolis area parents. There are plenty of ways for Mommy and Daddy to get their groove back.

Liz and Kevin Parker of Owings have a nearly fail-safe system for making and keeping their date nights. For the last 10 years they have combined forces with three other families to make sure a monthly date night happens.

On a mutually agreed upon Saturday night, three couples drop their kids off at the fourth couple's house. They all have appetizers, chat and then the three couples go their separate ways for their dates while the kids stay at the hosting family's house, eat dinner and play. The couples are expected back no later than 11 p.m., Parker explains.

"Over the years we've used our 'date night' to go to dinner alone, go to a bookstore and have coffee, go Christmas shopping, walk around Annapolis or attend a special event," she says. "We have even used the night to head back home for a quiet dinner at the house."

Another benefit of the arrangement is that the kids have so much fun, they don't want to give up their date night at the host house which ensures Mom and Dad get their evening alone.

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