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Preschool and child care fair for Anne Arundel County

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Looking for child care or preschool for your tot? Does your student need an after school enrichment activity?

Be sure to check out the

Anne Arundel Child Care and Preschool Fair at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold.

January 21, 2017, 9 am – noon
Anne Arundel Community College Dining Hall
101 College Parkway, Arnold, MD 21012
FREE Admission!

What kids need to know before preschool

When deciding if her kids were ready for preschool, Jen Blanford didn’t worry about milestones or developmental charts.

“Honestly, I just went with my gut,” the mom of four from Gambrills says. “When my oldest daughter, Karli, was 3, we did lots of things outside the home, from playgroups to gymnastics classes, but I felt like she was ready for something independent of her time with me.”

Karli was interested in socializing with other kids, and her curiosity about the outside world was growing.

“I definitely think she was ready,” Blanford says. “Although Karli was very quiet, she made friends and adjusted to school very well.”

Blanford was on the right track in assessing whether her child was ready for preschool.

Early childhood educators say children don't need to know their letters and numbers before heading off to preschool — and potty training isn't always required these days — but there are certain indicators that help determine whether a child is ready for a school setting.

When your child has problems in preschool

Preschool is often the first organized setting many kids have been in, so it can also be the first time that learning or developmental problems might surface.

Four-year-old Nathan Bowen of Laurel was eager to start preschool last year. He loved learning and playing with other kids so it was a surprise when he started having difficulties.

As a baby and toddler, Nathan hit every milestone on time or even early and was "very bright," says his mother, Amanda Bowen. "We saw no cause for concern," she says.

That is until his preschool teachers began sharing their concerns about Nathan's behavior. He was easily frustrated, anxious about transition, had trouble sharing and manipulating toys and was unable to sit still. The structure of preschool was a struggle for Nathan, Bowen says.

"He needed constant redirection," she explains. "It was definitely hard to hear and very emotional, but I was determined to learn all I could and get him the very best treatment."

There are many stories similar to Nathan's — children who showed no signs of delays or difficulties until they started school.

Preparing for the preschool transition

preschoolprep2WBy Kristy MacKaben

While some kids jump into preschool with gusto and barely look back to wave goodbye, others have trouble adjusting to a different routine and being away from loved ones.

The first day of preschool couldn't come fast enough for Dana Sarro's 4-year-old son. Excited to follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers, he eagerly anticipated his first day at Calvary Center Preschool in Annapolis and enjoyed the preschool orientation with the teachers.

But when the first day of school arrived, he was miserable. He was OK when he left the car, but his teachers said it went downhill from there.

"He cried most of the day," Sarro says. "It was a difficult time for him."

The Sarros seemed to do everything right when it came to preparing their youngest for preschool. They talked positively about school, visited the preschool before it started, read books, and picked out special clothes and supplies.

Despite the preparations, however, the little boy didn't fully adjust to preschool until a month and a half after school started. From that point on, he was fine and loved school.

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