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A letter of letting go — One Moore Thing

Letter of goodbye WI have a bit of a love affair with lists and letters.

Lists are the reminders of all the ambitions, all of the bricks that we hope to build our foundation upon every single day. And if I don’t write it down, unfortunately it is just not going to happen. And the letters are the aerial view of what we have stacked and torn down and believe we can repair in this life. The release of the words of love or faith or forgiveness. Words that should have been said out loud but either you couldn’t bring them to surface or you wanted them to linger longer then a passing moment.

I fail too — One Moore Thing

I sometimes glance and envy the women who really seem to have their lives together. Their kids look like they brush their hair, they wear just the right shade of lipstick, and their houses are clean and smell like homemade banana bread (like not even a Yankee Candle knockoff in a banana bread scent but an actual, measured, stirred and baked in an oven banana bread). They know when the spirit days are at school, they are on time or even early to lacrosse practice, and they remember all of the equipment too. Even the elbow pads.

I am not her.

Finding me — One Moore Thing

Finding MeHi friends. I’m Katie and this is my first blog post for Chesapeake Family Life. It is a joy to be new around here. I am a freelance writer, a certified yoga instructor who wishes she practiced yoga more, a shoe lover, a procrastinator, a tea addict and a mother of four wild and wonderful warriors.

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