• Competition: Pet Photo Contest
  • Pet's Age:: 13
  • Why is this the perfect photo?: Jackson was surrendered to the AAC animal control by his owners in November 2015 at the age of 11 years. At that time he was on medication for severe lung disease (presumably COPD due to severe second hand smoke inhalation). He was at risk to be euthanized but was transferred to the SPCA in Annapolis, where it was discovered he was suffering with pneumonia. Hewas given a poor prognosis by a local vet, treated and responded, but was considered a hospice patient. I met his chocolate brown eyes and desire to be loved and could not forget him. We adopted him into our family a week before Christmas , knowing he didn't have very much time left, but determined to provide him with a loving home for his last Christmas. he takes several medications and requires special restrictions, but he is still with us! He thoroughly enjoys car rides, treats, and snuggling. Jackson was become an anti smoking crusader; everyone who admires his dashing good looks and slight cough, is told the story of his disease. Many people are surprised to learn that smoking affects pets so severely. As the pet photo contest winner, Jackson could share his story, and educate your readers, and promote healthy habits.
  • City:: Pasadena

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