• Competition: Pet Photo Contest
  • Pet's Age:: 11 years
  • Why is this the perfect photo?: Besides being an absolute hunk (and yes, I am biased, ha) Henry is the silliest, smartest, and most endearing dog I have ever known. He loves his Chesapeake-life, swimming in the bay, tearing up the sand, and rolling around in the tallest sea grasses he can find. More than all of that, he is part of the foundation of our family. I got Henry about a year before I married my husband and “joined” his family as a step mother to two boys who had very recently lost their mom. It was not an easy thing creating a new family in a way that worked for everyone. There were many bumps along the road, and then there was Henry. He brought us together. No matter our differences, we shared a deep and complete love for Henry. His antics made us laugh together. His presence brought us all peace. At just 8 weeks old, he was the beginning of ‘us’ as a family. The day we had to tell our youngest that his mom had suddenly passed away, the first words he uttered were “Where’s Henry?” He was young, and I am sure he probably doesn’t remember it, but I always will. And now, as we watch our sweet boy grapple with the challenges of old age, and we stare down the remainder of his days left with us, that same shared love grows deeper for all of us. It’s hard to imagine what our family will be without him one day, but even harder still to imagine what our family would have been without him. Surely it would have been far less complete without our boy Henry. For these reasons and for all the joy he brings, we think Henry should be chosen as the Chesapeake Family Life cover dog. Photo credit: Carolyn J Penn-Martin
  • City:: Edgewater

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