Having a preschooler do chores for money — Mommy Daze

Earning Money WEver since Legos have invaded our home, our oldest son, James, has been going nuts over every new superhero set that comes out. He's even counting down the days until “The LEGO Batman Movie”  is released (Feb. 10, in case you were wondering).

My husband has been taking him to the Lego Store at the mall this month to get a weekly free Batman movie poster and pick up a new Batman Movie Lego Minifigure mystery pack. But you know what? Those little packs add up quick! And so do all those Lego sets. So I started wondering, “Why am I paying for all this?”

The things parents will do — Mommy Daze

WhatWeDo WThere are so many times as a parent that we do things for our children without a second thought.

As the mom or as the dad, it's just what we do. Middle of the night feedings for your newborn? Of course! Stay home from work to take care of your sick little one? Of course! Drop everything you're doing to kiss a boo boo? Of course! These are what I like to call “no brainers.” They come with the territory of being a parent. You don't even need to think about it, you just do them.

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