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Kent Island Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with dental care in a fun and comfortable setting. To us, going to the dentist is about more than having teeth cleaned or cavities filled. Dr. McGrath’s experience in dentistry is coupled with genuine concern for her patients. We believe that a partnership between our office and our parents will encourage our patients to maintain an overall healthy and happy smile.

160 Sallitt Drive, Suite 106, Stevensville, ,
Patient Comments
"She is wonderful with my son. He loves every time he gets to visit. The staff is always nice. This office is a warm friendly environment. She is the best dentist I have ever met. I wish I could go there too!""Dr. McGrath is one of the few doctors I've taken my daughter to that doesn't interrupt me and actually listens.""She is genuinely concerned for our children and their dental health. She and her staff make it possible for our three kids to have the best possible care given our small budget. We are so grateful for the work she does!"
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