Does your child suffer from asthma?

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Asthma TreatmentIf you’re like most parents of children suffering from asthma, you’ve likely wondered whether the air in your home could be making things worse for your child. The National Center for Healthy Housing is conducting a study of Maryland families to look at just that connection – and they are looking for families to participate in the study.


SickchildandmomAs a physician who has treated many cases of this enigmatic disease, I can tell you that it is not a easy diagnosis. Patients will have a myriad of signs and symptoms, many of them atypical on the surface, but there is a pattern to this disease that can be recognized after careful thought and investigation.

Act Early and Often to Combat Teen Substance Abuse

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Kathy L. Miller MA, LCPC Erin Merli, CPNP
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Drug and alcohol abuse is a parent’s worst nightmare. So why are so many parents asleep at the switch when it comes to this important issue?  

Often, parents just don’t believe that their children would try drugs, or if they do, they shrug it off as “just a phase.”

Parents who do discuss drugs and alcohol with their children often begin these conversations too late.  Others think their “good students” or “good athletes” are somehow protected from alcohol or drug use.
Parents, here’s a wake-up call.

The Who, What and Why of Occupational Therapy



A child's life is busy. From the minute a child wakes up, his or her day is full to the brim with "occupations," or in other words, important daily activities such as eating, dressing, grooming, playing, learning, and socializing. Each child has skills that come naturally and others that are trickier to acquire. When an age-appropriate skill does not come naturally, and leads to frustration, tears or general dysfunction at home, school or in community life, it is time to seek some help. Occupational therapists work with children and their families to help them master the skills that they are having trouble with.

The Right Time for an Orthodontic Check-Up: No Later than Age 7

Dr. Steven Siegel Joins the American Association of Orthodontists in Recommending Orthodontic Check-Ups for Children No Later Than Age 7

Although many people associate orthodontic treatment with adolescence, Glen Burnie orthodontist Dr. Steven Siegel says that orthodontists can spot subtle problems with jaw growth or with the teeth much earlier, while the primary or “baby” teeth are still present. MD Orthodontists of Maryland

Parents may incorrectly assume they must wait until a child has all of his or her permanent teeth.  However, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that every child get check-up with an orthodontist no later than age 7.

“I can't emphasize how important it is that parents understand the value of an orthodontic check- up,” says Dr. Siegel.  “By age 7, enough permanent teeth have arrived for an orthodontist to evaluate relationships developing between teeth, jaw and bite.  Orthodontists can spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are still present.

The Effect of Mental Illness on the Family

When a family member has been diagnosed with a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, it can feel as if the whole world has come crashing down. KathyMillerOasis

People want to help, but other emotions can get in the way: anger over the situation, frustration with the pace of progress, tension when members of the family disagree on treatment.

Families often fear that the person with the illness will be disabled for life, particularly after a psychiatric hospitalization. But with a sound treatment plan of medication and therapy, even someone with significant mental illness often can return to a normal life.

But how's a family to cope in the meantime?

Underperformance in the Workplace: Depression May Be Cause

KathyMillerOasisDepression is debilitating to the individual and distressing to the family, but it’s also costly to the workplace.

Depression is a major cause of disability, absenteeism, presenteeism (attending work while sick), and productivity loss among working-age adults, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC statistics illuminate the magnitude of the problem:

  • In a given year, 18.8 million American adults (9.5% of the adult population) will suffer from a depressive illness.
  • Approximately 80 percent of persons with depression reported some level of functional impairment because of their depression, and 27 percent reported serious difficulties in work and home life.
  • Only 29 percent of all persons with depression reported contacting a mental health professional in the past year, and with severe depression, only 39 percent reported contact.
  • In a 3-month period, patients with depression miss an average of 4.8 workdays and suffer 11.5 days of reduced productivity.  
  • Depression is estimated to cause 200 million lost workdays each year at a cost to employers of $17 to $44 billion.

Selecting a Guardian: Why Parents Need a Will

By Brette McWhorter Sember Brette McWhorter Sember attorney

A will is the most important legal documents parents will ever sign.

It is easy to think of a will as something that only elderly people need to consider. As a parent, however, creating a will (which includes selecting a guardian) is one of the most important things you can do for your child.What is a Will?

A will is a binding document that distributes all of your assets and belongings after your death. Your will directs who gets what. You can leave your possessions and assets to anyone you want or to any charity you specify. Your will also names your executor. An executor is the person who will be in charge of making sure your assets are distributed as directed and all of your bills are paid. The executor will hire an attorney to represent the estate.

How to Choose a Good Family Lawyer

Why would a normal family need a lawyer? After all, are lawyers necessary if you’re not charged with a crime? You see it in TV all the time. Bad Guy gets arrested and, when the interrogation gets hairy, he declares “I want to talk to my lawyer.” Apparently all Bad Guys have a lawyer on call. Since you’re not a Bad Guy, you don’t need one, right? Lawyers are for either the rich or the naughty, and you’re probably neither.

How can new siding increase the value of your home?

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1.) Improves Curb Appeal
The façade of your home is the first thing guests’ see as they pass by, without mentioning the first thing you see each time you come home. The new shapes and patterns from CertainTeed and James Hardie enable us to enhance the appearance of your home, creating a great first impression.

2.) Weather Protection
Siding is actually considered a rain shield on today’s more technically & efficiently designed homes. A water/air infiltration barrier such as GreenGuard underlayment will act as a barrier to the changes in weather and protect your home.


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