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While your kids are home from school for weeks or more with schools closed due to the coronavirus, don’t forget that podcasts are a great way to keep their attention without giving them extra screen time.

While you might think of podcasts as an adult medium of entertainment, kids love them too, and there is a wealth of great shows out there. Our kids love them during road trips, and they’re also handy for when you have to get your own work done. If your kids aren’t ready to don headphones and listen solo, these are quality shows that even parents can enjoy.

wow worldWow in the WorldHosts Mindy Thomas (Sirius XM’s Kid’s Place Live Channel) and Guy Raz (Ted Radio Hour and How I Built This) have created a truly compelling podcast with Wow in the World. Each episode takes kids and their grown-ups on a journey through one of the world’s mysteries. Raz plays the voice of reason to a goofy Thomas, who leads curious kids through exploring science, tech, animals, innovation and other cool things going on in the world today. “We take these hard science topics and mix the facts with fantasy,” Thomas explained in a Today.com article. And it works. Episodes like Let’s Flamingle, Invasion of the Sea Pickles, A Dog’s nose Always Knows and Brain Freeze! are just a few of our favorites; they will all make you laugh, and you’ll learn a thing or two.

StoryPirates PodcastStory Pirates
The Story Pirates are a fun group of actors, teachers and performers who take stories that kids write in and turn them into hilarious sketch comedies! Stories by little ones might only include a few lines, but the Story Pirates turn them into totally goofy and often musically memorable sketches, including things like the absolutely hilarious Happy Fart Out Loud Day episode (an absolute must-listen to), musical stories like The Bear That Couldn’t Disco, and uber imaginative, like Space Llama.

In addition to several seasons of the show, the Story Pirates are putting up ways to keep creative ideas flowing for young writers during coronavirus distancing. Now, the Story Sparks at the end of every podcast episode will be compiled here. The Story Pirates Creator Club will also add more fun resources for kids while they’re out of school.

rebelgirlsGood Night Stories for Rebel Girls
This companion podcast extends the stories in the well known book series into 15–20 minute podcasts about famous women throughout history. Episodes focus on women who are still making their mark on the world (don’t miss the excellent episode on Ruth Bader Ginsburg) to women from eras long gone, including Carmen Amaya, the Mirabal sisters, and Junko Tabei, the first woman to reach the top of Mount Everest. Each episode is read by a rebel girl in her own right, to boot.


icon 474377890 ccaf0b33f6565ed510ffe096473184a32747e1d9 s200 c85But Why?
This is another podcast that lets the kids lead. Kids call in with questions and the hosts investigate and share their findings in a straightforward yet interesting manner.


brains on

Brains On!
This science podcast for kids packs a lot into half hour episodes, which cover cool topics that kids capture kids’ curiousities, including Why is Food So Delicious, Are We Still Evolving?, Dreams, the Science of a Sleeping Brain, and How to Cook for an Alien. The podcast is co-hosted by kids and adults, which provides entertainment for all listeners.


WhatIfWorldStarWhat If World
Kids’ ‘What if’ questions are the stuff of legend…What if we only walked backwards?, What if people sneezed pickles?, or What if jelly beans worked at the grocery store? What If World takes these questions straight from kids’ call-in questions, and turns them into goofy stories.


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wbur circle roundCircle Round
These short story episodes bring to life tales from around the world to kids while sharing positive messages of kindness, humility and other virtues we want to instill in our kids. Its storytime feel is great for young kids, suggested at 4+.



girl tales final xlGirl Tales
This podcast reinvents fairy tales and princess stories by making the damsels in distress the heroines of these updated tales, which includes everything from mermaids to Ada Lovelace.


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The Past and the Curious
A history podcast for kids that proves that history can be fun, funny and exciting. These mini lessons in history taught with humor in mind do the trick in keeping kids engaged.


This Podcast Has FleasLOGO This Podcast Has Fleas
If podcasts could be cartoons, This Podcast Has Fleas would dominate your kids’ Netflix time. It’s a fun, goofy, and totally meta show about Waffles the dog (Emily Lynne) and Jones the cat (Jay Pharoah), who live in the same house and each start their own podcasts. Day-to-day life for the animals gets in the way of their podcasting of course, and we get a glimpse into the lives of our pets. Along with Benny the gerbil (Eugene Mirman from Bob’s Burgers) and Mr. Glub the goldfish (Alec Baldwin) the animals get into all sorts of predicaments, from dealing with the cone of shame to encountering a stalker dog to a wildly fun caper about escaping from the vet. Sadly only one season was released, but it’s a bingeable listen for sure.

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