100 Days of Maryland Summer: Finding a pen pal

Finding a pen pal
Finding a pen pal

Finding a pen palYour kids can improve their writing skills, while also building a great friendship, by finding a pen pal this summer!

In the digital world we live in, our kids are growing up with email as the primary source of written communication. It is probably only around their birthday (if even then) that they get to experience the excitement of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. Help your kids develop an appreciation for the lost art of letter writing by setting them up with pen pals whom they can write to on a routine basis.

Out-of-state family members are perfect candidates for pen pals, but friends who live close by could also enjoy receiving handmade snail mail.

There are also websites where you can find a pen pal all over the world, and parents can block all adults for their children, and monitor all communication.  Check out PenPal World to see a website where you can connect with a pen pal.


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Photo by Erin Kohlenberg