100 Days of Maryland Summer: Neighborhood party


sackraceIf summer camps are over and your kids are antsy for something to do, a fun way to keep the whole family active and having fun is to designate a neighborhood field day.

Have all of the neighbors come together for a fun day filled with outdoor games. Adults and kids alike will have fun competing in these activities. Here are a few ideas for games that are easy to play and use objects you likely have lying around the house:

Obstacle Course – using items you have around the house (hula hoops, large boxes, monkey bars, etc.), create a series of obstacles for people crawl, run, jump or swing through. Time how long it takes each person to make it through the course and the person with the lowest time wins.

Spoon Run – For this activity, you will need to mark a start and finish line (25 feet is a reasonable distance). Line up all contestants shoulder to shoulder on the start line, facing the finish line. Give each of them a plastic spoon and ping-pong ball. They then have to place the handle of the spoon in their mouth and balance the ping-pong ball on the cupped end of the spoon. When you say go, they race to the finish line while balancing the ping pong ball on the spoon using only their mouths – no hands allowed! If the ball falls off, they must stop moving, pick up the ball and place it back on their spoon before resuming the race.

Water Balloon Toss – Pair everyone up and make two lines, with partners standing across from one another. Give each pair one water balloon and when you say “Go!” the teams must carefully toss the water balloon back and forth without popping it. After each successful toss, the partners each take a step backward. The team to toss the balloon the farthest distance without it popping wins.

Sponge Bucket – Divide participants up into two teams. Have each team line up behind an empty bucket and place two buckets filled with water about 25 feet in front of the teams. Give the first person in each line a sponge. When you say “go,” they have to run to the farther bucket, soak their sponge in the water, run back to the empty bucket and ring out the sponge. Thy then hand the sponge to the next person on their team, who then repeats the run. Give the teams 1-2 minutes to complete the relay, and when time is up, the team with the most water in their bucket wins.

Three-legged Balloon Race – Divide everyone into pairs and use a tie or other fabric strip to tie two of their legs together. Give all participants a ruler or cardboard paper towel tube and a balloon. When you say “go” the teams must race to the finish line while keeping their balloon in the air at all times using only their rulers/tubes. The first team to the finish line without letting their balloon hit the ground wins.

Old Clothes Race – Divide everyone into two teams and line them up single file. Place a pile of old clothes (a tee shirt, shorts, hat and shoes for example) about 25 feet away from them. On your go, the first person in line must run to the pile of clothes, put them on over their clothes, and race back to their team. When they get back to their line, they must take off the clothes and tag the next person. The next person must put on the clothes, race to the spot where the clothes were before, take them off, and race back to tag the next person in line. The first team to have everyone go wins the game.

Human Ring Toss– Have everyone stand a circle and have one person place a hula hoop over their shoulder. Make everyone join hands and then use your bodies to get the hula hoop to travel around the entire circle without letting go of anyone’s hand.


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