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100 Days of Maryland Summer: The Chesapeake Children’s Museum

Museum information

Museum exhibits include:

  • Bay Window: Live animals are the highlight of this exhibit. Aquatic and land-living creatures represent regional wildlife, providing firsthand observations of their habits and habitats.
  • Watermen: Visitors climb aboard a ten-foot boat and dock to act out their own watermen scenes. Props (life jackets, nets, plush crabs and fish) add to the realism of the exhibit.
  • Hard Hats: This exhibit demonstrates concepts in construction and transportation. Toddlers adore the wooden train table, just at their height. Preschoolers make buildings and towns with the block sets, often with help from their grown ups.
  • Body Works: A seven-foot replica of the human body, Stuffee, has an open chest providing access to his internal organs. A real dental chair lets children take on the role of dentist or hygienist as they practice on their patients.
  • Express Yourself: This is a “help yourself” visual art workspace. Visitors can avail themselves of creative materials to make original works of art. Materials stress recycling, with wallpaper sample books, egg cartons, cardboard tubes, and cast-offs from local businesses.
  • Center Stage: Theatrical costumes and seating for an admiring audience bring out the star quality is us all. Impromptu musical and dramatic productions occur on an ongoing basis.
  • Around the World: Visitors can visit a home in Colombia. Shop in the market place. Bring rainforest puppets to life. Say hello our red-tailed boa constrictors.
  • Everything Under the Sun: NASA helped to design a “catch all” exhibit for learning about the earth and our nearest star. Graphics inform visitors about sun safety, the food chain, solar activity and ancient calendars.

Their admission is $4 for ages 1 and older. Their hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m., except Wednesdays.  Visit their website for more information.

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