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100 Days of Maryland Summer: Visit a scenic waterfall

waterfallWatch the natural flow of water at two scenic locations right here in Maryland.

Cunningham Falls located, in Fredrick County, and The Great Falls of the Potomac, located in Montgomery County, are cascading waterfalls that are approximately 78 and 76 feet high, which qualifies them to be the two highest in the state of Maryland. Enjoy the beautiful scenery  at one of these two great waterfalls.

Cunningham Falls

This waterfall is the largest cascading waterfall in the state and is located in Cunningham Falls State Park. The falls, locally known as McAfee Falls, can be accessed via a short trail from the lake area or a boardwalk from Route 77 for those visitors with mobility impairments. The park is opened from 8 a.m. to sunset and welcomes its visitors to camp, fish and swim.

The Great Falls of the Potomac

This waterfall is located west of Washington, DC, in Great Falls Park. This series of cascading falls has developed on the Potomac River in rocks formerly known as the “Wissahickon formation”. The rocks that make up the formation are about 750 million years old. The 76-foot falls formed when sea level dropped during the last Ice Age, causing the Potomac to down cut its valley. The park is opened from 7 a.m. to dark and there is a $3 individual fee or a $5 vehicle fee to get into the park.

Either of these two falls should be a must see for your 2012 summer to-do list.


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Photo by Daniel Farrell 

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