10 Cute & Clever Leprechaun Traps

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I am Irish! I have had green milk and pancakes for breakfast and corned beef and cabbage for dinner every single St. Patrick’s Day of my super Irish life. Yet I have never heard of this magical crafting opportunity called a Leprechaun trap! Leprechaun traps are crafts used, typically in elementary school or by families with small children, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The traps are set up the night before, and children awaken to discover signs that leprechauns have visited the trap. Soon those mischievous little leprechauns will be on the hunt in your home to find whatever gold they can get their hands on.

If your kids want to try and see one then you definitely need to set up one of these traps. Here are a few of some of the most clever Leprechaun Traps I have seen for inspiration.

@playlearnkids used an empty oatmeal container, cut a hole in the lid and covered it with tissue paper for their clever trap.

@daintycheeks This mom said the traditional traps aren’t working to catch those feisty leprechauns so her family made a leprechaun BNB.

@wonwon_brothers got super creative with their trap using tons of stuff from around the house.

@seasthecrazy definitely has the funniest trap…”because if leprechauns don’t catch Corona, maybe Corona can catch leprechauns.”

Don’t have a ton of crafty supplies laying around? @miss.hammann was able to keep it creative using construction paper and a crafty sign.

@brendalocs set up a colorful trap to lure the leprechauns.

@thetoyinsider breaks out the Legos to make a lucky trap!

@kristal_leanne made this cute trap out of a box, construction paper, cotton balls, and a paper towel tube!

This tissue paper rainbow @hi.im.annieyu made is surely going to lure in one of the cheeky leprechauns,

Not feeling crafty? @sugartherapyli offers a Leprechaun Trap Kit that is already put together for you!

Jenny Cardoza

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