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15 Ways to Promote Your Event

Easy Ways to Boost Attendance at Your Event 

Increase attendance at your open house or special events with promotions across social media, your website and in print with these helpful tips.

  1. Create a landing page on your website with all of your event details. Include photos and a video for more interaction. Direct your event traffic to this page rather than your home page.
  2. Update your Facebook page with a cover photo that includes all of your event details. Make sure to test how it looks on mobile to make sure that important text isn’t covered.
  3. Create a Facebook Event. Update it often since each update is sent to people who have expressed an interest.
  4. Create a short video. Upload your video directly to Facebook for more reach. Facebook isn’t a fan of using your YouTube videos. They want the video uploaded directly to Facebook. Also upload your video to YouTube. Get the embed code from YouTube and embed the video on your event landing page.
  5. Share behind the scenes photos on social media. Easy to use apps like Over and Canva allow you to put text on top of images for quick explanations that will entertain or inform readers.
  6. Create an event hashtag.  Use it everywhere. 
  7. Have a contest or giveaway for free tickets. Collect email addresses to add to your mailing list.
  8. Offer an Early Bird Discount.
  9. If your event is free, ask for pre-registration.
  10. Create and share an infographic, an easy-to-read graphic format that includes your event information.
  11. Create an infographic using quotes from your guest speaker, event organizer or volunteers.
  12. Create a quiz or poll about your event to engage your audience. PlayBuzz is a free and easy to use app that will get your quiz online.
  13. Do a live video session on Facebook in advance of your event.
  14. Create printable/downloadable worksheets your event attendees can use before and during the event to record their questions, goals and new information learned.
  15. For annual events share previous photos, quotes, videos and testimonials in a variety of formats as described above.

Bonus: Make sure to submit your event details to all print calendars at least one month in advance. Continue the look and feel of your event promos in any print products you use and include your event web link and hashtag. 

The video example above was uploaded to Facebook, the Camp Fair Facebook event, Instagram, used in the Chesapeake Family e-newsletter and on the website. One video used across multiple touch points. It was shot and uploaded directly from an iphone 5. Camp Fair has it’s own landing page on ChesapeakeFamily.com and that url was used in all print promotions.

Resources mentioned above:
Canva: https://designschool.canva.com/
Over: http://madewithover.com/
PlayBuzz: http://www.playbuzz.com/

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