There is nothing more carefree than kids in the summer. We received so many great shots for our 2017 Kids of Summer Photo Contest that it was hard to pick just one for the cover.

Ryleigh Moore and the Cookie Monster received the most votes on our website. Carter Stockman, 4, of Gambrills, was chosen for the cover. Click this link, to see the gallery of all the entries in the contest this year. Here are just a few of the cute shots entered. Thanks to our sponsor Labbe Family Orthodontics.

Carter W Carter Stockman , 4, of Gambrills, was chosen for the cover. He loves the benefits of living by the water. 
Ryleigh Moore, 6, of Annapolis, and the Cookie Monster received the most votes on our website this year. Ryleigh W
Sophie W Sophie Grazioli, 14, of Severna Park, enjoys a classic Chesapeake Bay activity.
Adam Cohen, 1, of Columbia, is enjoying the excitement of summer. Adam W
Cole Matina Lacy etc W Cole, 8, Martina, 7, Lacey, 7, and Ricky Smith, 11, of Pasadena, are making summer memories at the beach.
Taylor Goforth, 7, of Riva,is all goggled up and ready to swim. Taylor W
Talea W Talea Nesbitt, 5, of Odenton, enjoys a hot summer day in a pool in her own back yard.
Nina Brewster, 8, of Glen Burnie, has a smile that says “school is out and I finally made it to the beach.”
 Nina W
 Brook Ryan W Brooke, 6, and Ryan Davis, 4, of Crownsville, love playing in their backyard pool. 
 Mackenzie Howell, 5, of Severna Park is enjoying the sand and surf.  Mackenzie W
Lerato W Lerato Ragontse, 15, of Baltimore, gets joy from dancing outside on a summer day.
James, 12. and Robby Barsin, 14, of Arnold, spend the day in the water at Ocean City. James Robby W
Emily W Emily Reeder, 1, of Brooklyn Park, loves summer and the beach.
Izzy,10, Jack, 7, and Riley Hiebler, 5, of Abingdon enjoy the best of summer. IzzyJackandRyanW