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2018 Pet Photo Contest Winners

Nothing beats our furry friends, be they cats, dogs, hamsters, pigeons or pigs. So it’s no surprise that so many of you submitted pictures of your pets for this year’s contest.

We had a tough time picking the winner, but in the end, Finley won out with the one-in-a-million shot while out playing in the snow. We loved reading all of your pets’ stories, like Henry, who helped his family through a rough time; Stetson, who helps his six-year-old companion live a normal life; and Charlie, who was adopted and loved after being severely neglected.

rsz finleyCover Pet
Finley 2 yrs, Crownsville
Finley’s personality can be summed in this photo. It was truly a golden moment.

rsz kevinRunner Up
Kevin 10 months, Columbia
Kevin the lady cat adores her 4- and 5-year-old roommates’ snuggles, stealing licks of hummus, and fighting gender norms with her bow tie collars.

rsz henryMost Votes 
Henry 11yrs, Edgewater
Henry is part of the foundation of our family. I got Henry about a year before I married my husband and joined his family as a stepmother to two boys who had very recently lost their mom. There were many bumps along the road, and then there was Henry. He brought us together. We shared a deep and complete love for Henry. And now, as we watch our sweet boy grapple with the challenges of old age, it’s hard to imagine what our family will be without him one day, but even harder still to imagine what our family would have been without him. (Photo credit: Carolyn J Penn-Martin)

rsz stetsonThe Best Story
Stetson 7yrs, Solomons
Stetson is such a great and important part of our family. He is the best friend of his 6-year-old, and alerts for seizures. He’s completely opened up our son’s world, who can now go places knowing that his dog will keep him safe. He is such a great dog.

rsz artoodetoo
Coolest Name

Artoo Detoo 6 months, Annapolis
Artoo is wicked smart, sweet, and so goofy. Even on my worst days he can make me laugh. He’s only been a part of my life for a couple months, but it feels like I have known him forever. Everyone who sees him can’t help but smile at his sweet puppy face. He makes people happy, especially me, just by being himself.

rsz huckBest Dressed
Huck 8yrs, Waynesville
Huck has overcome a lot in his first 8 years of life! He has a spinal injury that affects his walking and ability to jump. He was afraid of everything when we first got him but through exposure, love and patience, we now have a happy little man! We are so fortunate to have been able to adopt him!

rsz tuffyPerfectly Posed
Tuffy 5yrs, Edgewater
While she would never thank you for the honor, we feel Tuffy is a wonder who should be shared with the world. She is a mutt who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know. All props to Stacy Laine Photography for the photo.

rsz charliesWho Rescued Who?
Charlie, 9 yrs, Odenton
Charlie was abandoned and neglected, we fostered her through the DRNA rescue who got her healthy and then we became foster fails and adopted her. When we got her she was malnourished, had significant hair loss and all of her front teeth were worn down to her gums (the vet thinks she was locked in a cage for very long periods of time). Despite the hard life she has lived she is super sweet, especially with my kids and she couldn’t fit more perfectly into our family.

rsz mackAlways a Bridesmaid
Mack 6yrs, Riva
Our dog stole the show at our wedding! Mack is a large part of our family. His favorite things are apples, peanut butter and snuggles!

rsz yogiSmallest Entry
Yogi the Hamster 6 months, Millersville
Yogi is a hot rod rodent that loves playing and cruising in his RC car.

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