2022 Favorite Docs


We are so excited to announce Chesapeake Family Life’s Favorite Doctors for 2022! Every year we ask you, our readers, for nominations on health care providers that keep you and your family healthy all year long. And every year, we get amazing responses and nominations of health care professionals and providers that provide excellent care and service to you.

We have nominations that take care of our physical and mental health, from counselors and mental health professionals, to pediatricians and speech therapists, women’s health and birthing centers, dentists and orthodontists. Whether you are keeping up with your general health or are in need of a specialist, look no further than these recommended providers.

In addition to the nominations, we also receive comments from their patients and truly that is the best kind of word-of-mouth news. The comments describe care and concern, reassurance, knowledge, medical expertise, friendly faces, and above all, trust. One commenter recommended their Orthodontist because “She truly cares about her patients, and takes the time to get to know them beyond their orthodontic needs.” Another comment was from a parent about their child’s Occupational Therapist who said, “From the first day meeting her, she was welcoming, professional, friendly and most of all compassionate and kind.”

We value our readers’ comments and their highly recommended nominations of trusted medical professionals. We are proud to put together this list of amazing doctors and medical professionals that serve every day to keep us and our families healthy.

Congratulations and Thank You to all of the providers who were nominated for keeping us healthy!

2022 Favorite Docs Categories