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5 Workout Tips for the Holidays

Amanda Parks, owner of Fit Flock in Chestertown shares her 5 Favorite Tips to keep exercise on your schedule during the holidays!

Create a Plan

Make a specific plan and schedule exercise into your day. If you don’t, it’s not likely to happen amidst all of the other holiday hustle and bustle.

Get Creative

Burn calories by doing every day activities. You can rake leaves, hang your Christmas lights, or even have a dance party with the kids.

Go Virtual

Find virtual walks, runs or bike rides to get your heart rate up and donations for a local nonprofit.

Make it Measurable

Make smart, specific, realistic goals to help you decide how much exercise is right for you, and keep you easily accountable in tracking your progress.

Get a Holiday Buddy!

Enlist a friend, spouse, relative or even your kids to exercise with you! Making yourself and your buddy accountable to one another will help you achieve your workout goals.

Looking for more tips on getting fit with the family? Try these great fitness apps!

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