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Five Common Injuries: How to Treat them, How to Avoid them


common injuries

Younger athletes are becoming more and more susceptible to common injuries. But you can avoid and treat dehydration, concussions, overuse injuries, bruises, strains and sprains…

by taking some simple steps to protect your student athlete. High school athletes and children who play sports should be aware of how to prevent common sports injuries.

It’s easy to think that sports injuries solely belong to the realm of professional football players and Olympic athletes. But if your child is playing a sport on any level, he or she is susceptible to many common injuries—in fact, nearly 40% of all sports injuries are sustained by children ages five to 14. Luckily, the most common injuries are often minor and certainly treatable. Whether you’re the parent of a beginning soccer star or a pitcher aiming for a college scholarship, knowing the types of injuries you might see is one way to avoid them.

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