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6 at home spring break activities to prevent brain drain

Spring Break is upon us. Why not use that time off for some serious educational fun? Check out these products that will keep your kids thinking and having fun!

Make Your Own Lego Movie

Use your phone or tablet to make a stop animation movie out of legos with this step-by-step guide.


Augmented Reality T-Shirt

The Virtuali-Tee is a high-quality t-shirt which takes you on a guided tour inside the body using AR. Use the free accompanying app on iOS and Android to scan the t-shirt and bring up the anatomy simulation! You can isolate internal systems or dive into the bloodstream, small intestine and lungs via the 360 VR mode. And, if you want to know more, expert knowledge is on hand with Hans Glover, your tour guide. A VR headset isn’t necessary, but it’s even more fun with one.

Circuit Cubes Whacky Wheels Kit

A Stem toy promoting hands-on exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through play. Snap together Circuit Cubes, building bricks, wheels, and gears (all included in kit) to make more than 10 different self-powered vehicles.


Break Open 10 Geodes

This earth science kit comes with learning guide booklet on how geodes are formed along with 10 of your very own geodes to break open and discover what treasures they have inside.


Insect Lore Live Butterfly Growing Kit Toy

The Butterfly Garden gives your family the opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Raise and feed your very own butterflies and then release them into the wild!


Classic Science Archaeology: Pyramid

Play the role of archaeologist as you explore this pyramid model and the treasures buried within using the accompanying manual. As you uncover the artifacts in the pyramid, you will learn about archaeological science, including excavation, conservation, dating, and remote sensing. You will also learn about ancient Egyptian customs, hieroglyphics, mummification, and pyramid construction.


Do you have some favorite spring break activities you want to share? Email us your favorites to [email protected]


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