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7 out-of-the-box lunch ideas for school

LunchHL7 out-of-the-box lunch ideas for school

By Kristy MacKaben

Peanut butter and bananas rolled up in a tortilla — that’s what’s inside 10-year-old Cat Wright’s lunchbox. Cat’s mother, Christine Wright is a nutritionist in Queen Anne’s County, so packing lunches with cheese puffs and bologna sandwiches has never been an option.

Cat usually packs her own lunch, and Wright says parents should consider including their kids in the entire lunch packing process. Packing a healthy lunch is important, but it’s more important that children will eat the lunch that is packed.

“Kids should be involved as much as possible,” says Wright, who lives in Grasonville. “As long as you’re not giving them free rein to buy chips and junk, they’re more likely to eat it if they pick it out themselves, and if they help make the meal.”

Looking for a lunchbox makeover  for your little scholars? Read our full story 7 new lunch ideas to pack for school to get some great out-of-the box ideas.

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