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A few Maryland fathers share their favorite things to do with their kids

DadsFavThingsBy Kristy MacKaben

It was on a four-day backpacking trip that Scott McComb truly got to know his oldest son, Alex, who was in seventh grade at the time. They hiked along Virginia’s Skyline drive, taking in the scenery and talking about life.

“It was just him and me. It was really special,” says McComb, of Chesapeake Beach.

Sharing special experiences and spending quality time with kids is crucial for fathers, says Julie Hickson, clinical director of Lighthouse Christian Counseling in Centreville.

“It’s essential to their lives for all kinds of reasons,” she says. “Children feel more emotionally connected when their father is deliberate with that time he spends with them.”

In honor of Father’s Day, Chesapeake Family asked several local dads to share their favorite way to spend time with their kids. Read on to discover what they enjoy doing and to get some ideas for bonding with your own children.


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