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A Riveting Performance

31658011 2024474367769469 6779835305299017728 nSt. Martin’s Lutheran School in Annapolis sent its all-girl robotics team to the Vex Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Ky. The middle school girls, who call themselves the “Riveters,” finished in top 25 at the state competition, earning them the right to head to Louisville for the worlds. There they competed against 398 teams, and ended the competition ranked 52. The Riveters faced international teams hailing from London, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Paraguay, China, Ethiopia and around the U.S.

The Vex-IQ Challenge offered a three-tiered challenge—a Teamwork Challenge to work with opposing teams to score points, Driving Skills matches, in which robots were directed by a video-game type controller, and a Robot Skills Challenge, in which participants had the challenge of just 60 seconds of programming time to direct a robot to
earn points.

To learn more about the Vex-IQ Challenge, the Vex World Championship, visit roboticseducation.org. For more on the St. Martin’s team, visit stmartinsonline.org.


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