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A Stay At Home Order Doesn’t Mean An End To Outdoor Fun In Your Own Backyard

Just because you can only leave your house for necessities, doesn’t mean the kids cannot have outdoor fun in the backyard, driveway or their imagination!

Here are five ways for the kids to enjoy some outside time without having to head to the store for supplies!

Fairy GardenBuild a Fairy or Gnome Garden
Fairies and gnomes are whimsical woodland creatures who enjoy mischievous adventures just out of our sight. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like having someplace cozy to call home. Gather up the craft paints, some rocks, pinecones, some scrap fabric, maybe that colorful gravel from a no longer used aquarium or hermit crab tank, and get creative! The gardens can be as big or small as your child wishes. And while the Elf on the Shelf may have retired to the North Pole, perhaps Fairy in the Forest or Gnome in the Garden finds a different spot to hide in the yard each day, or just rearranges some of the decor’ once in a while to his or her liking.

Make a Stuffed Animal Zip Line
Even if your backyard is limited on space and you do not have room for a zip line for the kids, with some clothesline rope or yarn and a small beach bucket, the kids can make one for small stuffed animals to enjoy!  

Create an Outdoor Reading Nook
Nooks do not have to be complicated. They can be as simple as a blanket and pillows on the grass, a fort made from some clothesline pins and sheets, to a circle of lawn chairs and a picnic basic with snacks and drinks. Have a tent unused in the garage? Repurpose it as your backyard library of adventure and take advantage of the fact that the mosquitoes will not arrive for a couple more months!

Get Your Game On!
While the 2020 Summer Olympics may have been postponed, you can still host your own backyard version with some chalk, painters tape and other household items. Shot put with a tennis ball, discus throw with a frisbee, sack race with some old pillow cases, ribbon dancing with a stick decorated with colorful ribbon, three legged race with a rope or bandanna, or javelin toss with a pool noodle will help the kids burn off some energy and have fun. Even if your child is an only child, he or she could see if they can improve their scores each day or compare scores with friends via Facetime. They can each get creative and make their own mythical country, coloring a flag and sharing interesting facts about the people and landscape.

GettyImages 500159503Backyard Chalkboard
With some leftover chalkboard paint and some plywood or a large board tucked away in the garage for so long that you don’t remember why you kept it, you can unleash some imaginative play. Prop the chalkboard up on your deck or hang it from the backyard fence. Your child could play school with a “classroom” full of stuffed animal friends, hangman with a sibling, or just create a new mural each morning to start the day!

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