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A Taste of Local Chocolate

Napoleon loved chocolate so much that he demanded that wine and chocolate be made available to him and his senior advisers even during intense military campaigns. If was good enough for Napoleon, it is good enough for us!

Recently the staff of Chesapeake Family Life sat down and made the amazing sacrifice of gorging on a multitude of locally made chocolate treats, so that we could share with you what’s available in the area. Whether you are looking for a delicious gift for Valentine’s Day or looking for a sweet treat to pair with wine for a ladies’ night, we found some great varieties . . . and some that weren’t our cup of cacao. Here’s what we found:


Kilwins’ Sea Salt Caramels—The consensus on these dark chocolate salted caramels was that the salt was proportioned much more evenly with this sweet (made in-house on Main Street in Annapolis), complementing the sweetness without overpowering it, though the caramel was super chewy.

Kilwins Annapolis, 128 Main St.; kilwins.com

Wockenfuss variety box of chocolates—Five generations of the Wockenfuss family have made their chocolate confections since the company was founded in Baltimore in 1915. The box had a wide variety—from mint cream to coconut and peanut butter cups. We agreed they were all very good, but we were disappointed with one aspect—there was no map! We did not like delving into the deliciousness with no guide as to what was hidden in each bite size piece.
Wockenfuss Candies, multiple locations in Maryland; wockenfusscandies.com

Coco Couture—Located in Severna Park, this confectionary offers a huge selection of homemade truffles, chocolates and ice cream. We asked what was the most popular and tried the chocolate crabs and the peanut butter cups. Made of milk chocolate and sprinkled with a generous portion of Old Bay, the group decided these chocolate crabs are better paired with a cold beer than wine. If you love steamed crabs, these could be the treat for you, but most of us found the Old Bay too overpowering. The peanut butter cups were tastier, but needed a higher peanut butter to chocolate ratio to make us happy.
Coco Couture, 350 Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park; cococouturecreations.com

IMG 5779
Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport—If you are planning your own tasting, the passport practically plans your evening for you. This petite box of 8 bars of dark chocolate from around the world includes suggested beverage pairings, from Ghana’s dark chocolate ideally paired with unsweetened cappuccino to a variety from Papua New Guinea to be enjoyed with Merlot. Dark chocolate can be an acquired taste due to the innate bitterness, but overall the group gave it a thumbs up!
Trader Joes, Multiple locations; traderjoes.com

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels—The dark chocolate was nice, but Joyce and Claire agreed there was way too much salt. Claire likened the amount to “a tequila shot lot of salt!”
Trader Joes, Multiple locations; traderjoes.com


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