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A Teen’s Guide to Parents on Social Media

It’s a battle for the ages . . . the “In My Day” crowd versus the “Kids These Days” and all their new fangled gadgets. We thought since we gave a voice to the parents this month in our Adulting 101 feature, we should give equal air time to the teens in our lives, letting them share tips with parents on how to communicate effectively using technology and social media.

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So we did what any good bunch of organized moms does, and sent out a survey! And 

much to our happy surprise, some teenagers actually talked to us. We asked teens questions about how they communicate with their parents, what types of social media they use, and what sorts of tips they would give to adults regarding everything texting to using the TV remote to their concerns for their own safety online.

Some of the responses were what we expected—like can adults please stop using all caps?! Others were thoughtful and inspiring. We’ll let them speak for themselves.

How can you help your parents communicate more effectively?

My parents are surprisingly pretty good and up to date on communicating effectively. We text each other all the time.

IDK have a built in translator from teen to adult? That could be great, actually, some sort of app that automatically displays the word version of an acronym.

We have a pretty good system for communication. I mostly call my dad. Same with my mom, but we also text too because she’s a texter, unlike my dad.

Stop texting in full sentences—you’re using so much time writing grammatically correct sentences!

Don’t yell over text!

Unless you really have a good reason for having to constantly check your child’s socials, don’t. I like having my own privacy. Parents need to have trust in their children; we’re teenagers, which means we are mature to understand how scary the world is, we see it everywhere. So trust that we’re making good decisions with what we choose to put out on the internet, until you have a reason not to. We know everything has a way of being found if posted online.

snapchat picture rszGeneral Social Media tips:
Mom? Stop Facebook living my life. I really don’t need everyone to see a live performance of crappy Chopin I played on the piano.

I really DON’T want her posting things like “My 15 year old daughter is teething #lateteeth #12yearoldmolarscominginlate”

Oh, that’s the other thing, I don’t think that parents understand how to hashtag. No one searches for #mydaughterjustboiledmilkonthestoveLOL or #Justcleanedupvomit! There should be an adult cheat sheet for hash tagging. Like, if it’s more than three words, it’s not a good hashtag trend to start.

Honestly, I think that my mom’s friends know more about me than I know about me from all the stuff she posts on Facebook.

Don’t be over enthusiastic and don’t force meme culture you won’t keep up.


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