A Trip to Christmas Town, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA

BuschGardens - Jack and Elf2

The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Busch Garden’s Christmas Town. I had the chance to visit this past weekend with my 18 yr. old daughter Shannon, my friend Joyce and her 7 yr. old son Jack.

The attention to detail is phenomenal. Every country is decorated to the hilt with trees in red, blue, green, silver, white and more. And the lights: big, little, retro, twinkling, running – the list goes on. Each country is beautifully decorated and has culturally-themed holiday music playing throughout. There’s even snow in France(and hot tea)!

The Don’t Miss Attractions:

  • Santa’s Fireside Feast. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit with Santa, Mrs. Claus and Holly the Elf. Kids of all ages are welcome to get their picture with Santa, enjoy a tasty buffet (that includes the Elf’s homemade cookies) and enjoy listening to Santa as he recounts his favorite Christmas story. Location: Grand dining room of Castle O’Sullivan in Ireland.BuschGardens - Jack and Elf2



  • A Sesame Street Christmas. I am a BIG fan of Sesame Street. Both my kids and I grew up watching it and there right before us was Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, The Count and Elmo all teaching Abbey the true meaning of Christmas. There were as many smiles on the adults’ faces as the kids watching this this show complete with snow bubbles, snowflakes and plenty of music. The stage is plentiful and all seats are good ones. Location: Globe Theater in England.


  • The Train. I admit we got lost and sat on the train for 2 trips but we didn’t care. Cheery festive music plays as the train chugs along and lights of red, blue, green and white twinkle about. The passengers literally danced in their seats, sang along to the songs and wished the people at the crossings a Merry Christmas as we went by. I’ve never seen anything like it. Location: New France, Scotland and there might be another stop but we were lost.


  • Polar Pathway. Don’t expect real Polar Bears but do expect to be in awe as the summer sky high flume ride, Escape from Pompeii, is transformed into breathtaking white ice waterfalls of light. It is truly inspiring. The scent of pine wafts throughout making this a one of a kind experience. Location: Between Scotland and Italy

  • Ice Palace: a Penguins Paradise. We did the Up-Close Tour and it was amazing. We got to meet and pet Maggie the Penguin in person while lying in her trainer’s arms. Location: France.BuschGardens - Shannon and Penguin2


  • Pot O’Gold Magic Shop. Jack was thrilled with the Magician who could shine a light in his ear and have it come out of his nose or shine it in his mouth and come out his ear. This was truly mystifying. The Magician is in the back of the store entertaining the visitors free of charge. Location: Ireland.


  • Shivers Present Pick. This was an unexpected surprise. Between the Polar Pathway and Italy lie stacks and stacks of Christmas boxes. For $5 you pick a box and could win an Xbox 360, digital camera, assortment of stuffed animals and ornaments, season’s passes and more. Every time we walked by, we played and the odds paid off – I won a 2012 season pass.


  • Highland Stables. Make sure to visit the Clydesdales. These majestic horses are grand as ever in their stalls as you pass through. There’s a photo oppty available just outside the entrance that Jack was going to do but changed his mind in the end. Location: Inbetween Scotland and Ireland.

The employees are all cheerful and helpful. Heaters are located throughout the countries providing warmth. Some of the rides are operating. Plus, convenient smores stations are available to make your smore. What more could you ask for?

I recommend Busch Garden’s Christmas Town to all and can’t wait to go next year.

BuschGardens - Santa and Shannon2Happy Holidays!

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For more information about Christmas Town including entrance prices, show times and attractions, visit ChristmasTown.com.