tonsillectomyIs your child going in for a tonsillectomy soon? Check out this recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which assesses quality of care after a tonsillectomy and need for return visits to the hospital.

More than half a million tonsillectomies are performed every year on children in the U.S., making the procedure the second most common reason for care in children’s hospitals.

The study in the February 2014 Pediatrics, published online Jan. 20, found the quality of care of children after a tonsillectomy — and how likely they are to return to the hospital for problems like bleeding, vomiting and dehydration after surgery — varies significantly among hospitals.

The study, “Variation in Quality of Tonsillectomy Perioperative Care and Revisit Rates in Children’s Hospitals,” tracked a group of low-risk children undergoing same-day tonsillectomy at 36 children’s hospitals between 2004 and 2010.