About Face: Add some sheer to your spring with Clinique Almost Lipstick and Lid Smoothie

CliniqueAlmostlipstick ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFace

CliniqueAlmostlipstick ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceWhat’s up with the weather, Maryland? First an unseasonably warm winter, then bone-chilling winds plaguing April. And rest assured, in a few weeks we’ll be dealing with the evils of nasty humidity. With Clinique Almost Lipstick and Lid Smoothie, though, a sheer swipe of color is all you’ll need to feel light and airy.

By Roxana Hadadi

Every summer Maryland feels like it’s melting, and I’m over it. It’s only April now, and while the weather has turned strangely chilly this week, I’m sure disgusting humidity is just around the corner. The kind of nasty, sticky air that makes me certain my makeup is slowly sliding off my face, resulting in some kind of unappealing pool around my neck. Seriously uncute.

Which is why I’m glad to have discovered the pleasant sheerness of Clinique’s spring 2012 offerings, new shades of their iconic Almost Lipstick solid gloss and the new product Lid Smoothie. Almost Lipstick goes on slightly tinted and can be built up to greater opacity, while Lid Smoothie is a creamy, shiny swipe of color.

Read on for swatches and my thoughts!