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About Face: Breaking down the market of BB and CC creams

CliniqueBB CCCream ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceEverywhere you look, beauty brands—whether they’re high-end or department store favorites—are dropping versions of BB and CC creams. What’s the difference between the two? And which should you grab for your mom for Mother’s Day this weekend? Let’s figure it out together.

By Roxana Hadadi

Well, I can thankfully announce one thing: Graduate school is over! During the past two years I’ve been a graduate student at American University, and now my adventure in higher education has come to an end. The past few weeks, however, I wasn’t sure I could make it: I was testing products like the Soap & Glory lip balms and Buxom lipsticks while working at my on-campus jobs; I was gathering information about nail polish launches while I should have been doing homework. It was tough.

And, of course, what’s worse than final exams and papers? The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of assignments, leaving very little time for food—and causing me to lean heavily on the new for-women protein shake Evolve, which I received for review a few weeks ago. The product—launched by Cytosport, Inc., who also manages the men’s product Muscle Milk—lingered in my refrigerator for weeks. But my eureka moment came one morning, however, when I was frantic for a quick breakfast before showing up for an exam review session—I grabbed an Evolve, I tossed it in my backpack, and guzzled it on the shuttle bus to campus. The drink contained my appetite and helped me feel energized during the morning, which normally doesn’t happen to me since I avoid breakfast like the plague.

Evolve, though, has become a nice addition to my weekly regimen; I drank one every other day for the past few weeks and it helped curb whatever crazy hunger pains I would have during study sessions. They may make repeat appearances in my life, though, after I survive this weekend—graduation on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday. Have you thought about what you’re going to get your mom? This year, we’re eschewing a typical gift guide (although we still stand by our picks from last May) for a breakdown of two newish products that probably every mom is considering using: BB and CC creams.

Where did these creams come from? What’s the difference between them? Who should use which one? For my picks of which ones you should try out with your mom this weekend, read on!

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