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About Face: Can Pureology really protect your fiery locks with the Reviving Red collection?

PureologyRevivingRed1 ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceDyed-red hair is notoriously hard to maintain—whether you’ve gone scarlet or copper, you’ll probably get brassy and dull sooner rather than later. Salon brand Pureology promises a longer look with their Reviving Red collection, and though it’s not the cheapest stuff in the world, it certainly does the trick.

By Roxana Hadadi

The first time I dyed my hair back in high school, it was out of some random drugstore brand box, without any help, during a late night in my bathroom. So rebellious! So edgy! And, of course, so terrible and horrible and awful for my hair. My naturally black hair turned out that kind of red that only shows up in direct sunlight, and I got split ends like nobody’s business. It was certainly a failure.

And yet, I kept on doing it—pink and blue and purple, among other things. And, of course, I kept having horror stories. For example, I bleached my bangs in sophomore year of college, dyed them green, and was ready to make a four- to six-week commitment. But that “semi-permanent” dye never came out, and I looked like a beached sea animal, with seaweed forever caught in my hair. It wasn’t the best look.

I’ve stayed away from dying my hair for the past year or so because, as a graduate student, I realized I can’t look like a candy-haired fool anymore. But when I heard that Washington, D.C., salon Immortal Beloved was offering $25 haircuts and colors for a limited time if you booked with their new stylists, I went for it. I had a haircut last August that was inspired by Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi from the movie “Point Break,” but by this January, that had turned into an overlong mullet that was still heavily bleached blonde, from when I dyed my hair blue for a few weeks last June. It was, much like my green college hair, not the best look.

But the stylists at Immortal Beloved chopped off that gross dead hair, gave me layers and bangs, and gave me a variety of highlights in a number of different red tones—I have everything from copper to scarlet in my hair now. And I love it, which is why maintenance suddenly seemed like a big deal. Red dye fades notoriously quickly, so I decided to give Pureology’s new Reviving Red collection, launched in February, a try. Would the shampoo, conditioner, and other items in the Reviving Red system help keep my look vibrant? After a month of use, I think I’m ready to make a call.

For my thoughts, read on!

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