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HairOils ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceIf the idea of ‘hair oil’ conjures up old memories of slathering your hair in VO5 and then letting it “penetrate” into your tresses, well … you’re not too far off. But hair oil is popping up everywhere this spring, both from drugstore and salon brands, and it seems like nostalgic blast from the past. Make sure to choose what’s best for you—it’s a brave new world out there.

By Roxana Hadadi

Here’s an update on my life: On the last day of January, I got my first haircut since August, which in and of itself was a pretty substantial chop—I lopped off more than a foot of hair last summer. This time, the cut was only about four or five inches, but still, my hair feels so bouncy and healthy. Joy! But now, of course, the dreaded question after a great haircut: How am I going to make it stay this way?

I made a shameful mistake last summer when, in a fit of late-night pique, I bleached my bangs and tips of my hair at home, slathered on blue hair dye, and thought, “Hey, you only live once!” A few weeks later the blue had washed out and I was left with a brassy, ugly blond color that I was too lazy to dye again. That August haircut cut out a lot of the blond out, but I still had a fair amount framing my face—and thankfully, last week’s cut got rid of it.

So I’m happy to be rid of the ugly bleached parts and simultaneously have a shorter haircut before the humidity of spring rolls around (it’s now a messy shorter bob with bangs). And, as the question of maintenance comes up, I’m ready to try something new: hair oil. Of course, hair oil is only new again; we all have memories of using VO5 back in the day to add deep moisture to our tresses. Sadly, my hair only ever felt greasy afterward—but a variety of hair oil products from brands like Dove, L’Oreal, and Pureology promise to give you a lighter feel.

What hair oil products are popping up on your drugstore and salon shelves? For a smattering of variety, read on!