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About Face: Get These Holidays Items Before They’re Gone.

Don’t leave 2011 totally behind — grab some of the holiday season’s best items before they’re gone for good. Part 1: Nail polish!

By Roxana Hadadi

2012 is upon us, and hopefully you had a good New Year’s Eve and are gleefully plunging into January! It’s hard for me to make resolutions (because, you know, inevitably I give up on them), but I think this year I’m really going to try and stick to that whole being-healthier thing. I’m drinking more water, I’m dusting off the treadmill and I’m trying to not be such a slouch. Movement! It’s a crazy thing.

But while I’m tentatively creeping into my resolution, I’m sticking to some things about 2011 — namely the great holiday collections, kits and specialty items that came out toward the end of the year.

Christmas and Hanukkah may be over, but you may want to grab some of these items for yourself before they’re totally gone, either sold out or discontinued. New spring cosmetics collections are certainly popping up everywhere, but oldies can certainly be goodies. And hey, 2011 wasn’t even that long ago.

In this first installment, I’ve gathered some of late-2011’s best nail polish offerings, with a peek into the skin and beauty items I’ll feature on About Face next week. For now, get ready for some glitter. So much glitter.

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