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About Face: Holiday gift guide, part 2 – body, hair, and cosmetics ideas!

100 Percent Pure Body Scrubs

100PercentPureScrubs ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceLeft to right: 100 Percent Pure Body Scrub in Blood Orange, Green Apple, Meyer Lemon

I’m a sucker for body scrubs, and I like them as a gift, too: They come in beautiful scents, they’re something people don’t normally buy for themselves, and they’re pampering without being too extravagant.

The body scrubs from 100 Percent Pure are organic, with no chemicals or artificial fragrances; instead, they’re packed with various natural oils, fruit extracts, and natural things like honeysuckle. The ingredients list sounds like something I would want to eat, which I think makes them pretty great for you—and for whoever you choose to give one to.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: $25 each at 100PercentPure.com.

Smooth it on

NatureGirl MOR ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceLeft to right: Nature Girl Green Queen Tangerine Mango Butter Body Cream; MOR Cosmetics Emporium Black Collection Body Butter in Kale & Watercress

Similar to the 100 Percent Pure Body Scrubs, these products literally sound like things I would scarf down in an ideal world where my graduate school budget accommodates delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. Their natural ingredients, plus their smoothing properties, make them good picks for anyone looking to improve their skin.

Green Queen, from the brand Nature Girl, is a body cream with mango butter, herbal infusions, and various organic floral extracts—the tropical feel is intense. And though MOR Cosmetics Emporium Black Collection Body Butter in Kale & Watercress is a little more unusual, it’s good for the adventurous, a mix of earthy and peppery notes in a body butter that includes shea and cocoa butter, avocado oil, and sesame seed oil. Plus, MOR Cosmetics doesn’t test on animals, so you can accommodate the naturally conscious member of your gifting list.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: $34 for Green Queen at Nature-Girl.com; $25 for Body Butter in Kale & Watercress at MORCosmetics.com.

Fragrances you won’t forget

MOR Pacifica ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceLeft to right: MOR Cosmetics Eau de Parfume in Marshmallow; Pacifica Body Wash in California Star Jasmine and Mediterranean Fig

Maybe I’m weird, but I never feel comfortable buying fragrances for anyone. There are so many options on the market, and who knows what perfume someone wants to wear every day, and doesn’t walking into the perfume counter part of the department store always feel a little overwhelming? So I prefer to buy fragrances that are a bit more whimsical, or to buy things in smaller packages, so I can give someone a gift they can experiment with before making a commitment to a bigger size.

For whimsy, fragrances don’t get more fantastical than MOR Cosmetics’ Marshmallow, which smells like roses and cotton candy; it’s very girlish, and I can see teenagers loving it. For the older set, a fragrant body wash might be a better option, like Pacifica’s California Star Jasmine or Mediterranean Fig. A little more heady and citrusy and free of parabens and sulfates, their thinner consistency means they lather quickly. Because everyone deserves to smell good, no matter their age.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: $50 for Eau de Parfume in Marshmallow at MORCosmetics.com; $10 each for Pacifica Body Wash at PacificaPerfume.com.

Purposeful things in little packages

GiannaRoseAtelier DailyConcepts ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceLeft to right: Gianna Rose Atelier Collection de Nature Pinecone & Acorn-Shaped Soaps; Daily Concepts Your Body Scrubber

Perhaps juxtaposing mini soaps and a body scrubber, loofah-type thing is a weird choice, but here me out. What drew me to group these gifts together is the contrast they have between hard and soft, but with a shared focus on treating yourself.

Let me elaborate. Mini soaps, with the fragrance of jasmine and pine, in the shapes of pinecones and acorns? Adorable; perfect for your guest bathroom. A shower scrubber with a tag that begins to fade when it has been used too many times, may no longer by hygienic, and should be replaced? Genius; perfect for your gym bag. The products may be wildly different, but they each serve a specific purpose: Making you, or your gift-recipient, feel like the most cared-for person around. And that’s kind of the point of giving a gift, no?

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: $24 for a four-pack gift set of Gianna Rose Atelier Collection de Nature soaps at Giannarose.com; $10 for Your Body Scrubber at DailyConcepts.com.

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