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About Face: Leaning on a favorite product—for better or for worse

Amika Alt OjonMasks ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceEveryone has a Holy Grail cosmetics product—a favorite lipstick, an everyday blush, a staple of their beauty regimen. But what about when that fascination becomes a kind of hoarding? Can the outcome ever be good?

By Roxana Hadadi

If you’ve been reading About Face for the past two weeks, you know about my skin issues: a combination of stress, tons of homework, and my own terrible eating habits have caused me to break out horribly. Acne is not something I deal with well, so I discussed in my past two columns the variety of skin cleansers and moisturizers I plan on using to battle the blemishes. Things have been going well so far—a blemish on my nose today is the first one I’ve spotted in three days—but things haven’t really gotten less busy in my life. Because now I have moving to deal with.

Yup, I moved into a new apartment last week, and I’m still struggling to get my life back together. It’s impossible to live out of boxes, looking for textbooks for homework when everything is packed away, and the past few days have not been easy. And the move itself, of course, was tedious, too—especially when I realized the biggest tubs and boxes I was taking with me were full of beauty and body products for this blog.

I tried to tell myself, “Well, I need all this stuff.” Until I realized, while watching my friends lug these giant bins up two flights of stairs to my new place, that I was kind of being a jerk. There are dozens of products in those bins that I’ve written about but will probably never use again, and there’s no point in hanging on to it all. So I decided, after we had moved in, to let my friends take whatever they wanted that I didn’t need to write about. And so hair dryers, hair straighteners, lip glosses, body washes, and much more were claimed, and my bins were certainly less full than when we started the day.

But there’s one product I didn’t let anyone touch, and I realized, as I was disallowing my friends from claiming these items, that I was being a little out of control: hair masks. I have a thing with my hair; it’s often dry, it gets coarse quite easily, and it never does what I want. I have never had a “regular” haircut because nothing seems to work. So I combat my overall frustration with a crippling reliance on hair masks, those thicker versions of conditioner that are supposed to penetrate and revitalize your hair after you apply them once a week for any varying length of time.

I know that holding on to this many hair masks isn’t really the most logical, practical, or sane thing I could do. But everyone has a cosmetics product they totally rely on, right? And something about using the masks, and how soft my hair is afterward, just triggers this crazy reliance in me. I’m going to try scaling back on them in the future—since moving made me realize how many I really have—but admitting my problem is the first step, I think.

I’m an obsessive hair moisturizer. And though you may not want to get at my level, you really should give these conditioners a try. Their quality has certainly inspired some devoted behavior in me—to say the least.

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