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About Face: Perfecting Your New Year’s Eve Look

by Roxana Hadadi

Three more days, and it will be 2012! Put on your best face for the occasion.

Peace out, 2011, because your time is basically over. New Year’s Eve is on Saturday this year — two days from now! — and it’s about time you got your outfit together. Whether you’re going out to a super-fancy party, a get-together with friends or a low-key family event, try something new for the occasion. Go with a bold look, or a bright nail. Putting some pizzazz into your look at the end of 2011 will help ring in the new year, when that ball drops and you’re thrust into a whole new batch of 365 days.

And, the world is supposed to end in 2012, so go big! (Sarcasm. So much sarcasm.) Here are some suggestions for perfecting your special look — make it count.

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