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About Face: Review of all-natural Noya lip balms

NoyaLipBalms ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceAll-natural Noya lip balms offer an alternative to drugstore classics like ChapStick and Carmex. But are they as effective?

By Roxana Hadadi

When I subscribed to US Weekly, one of my favorite parts of reading that wonderfully ridiculous, delightfully trashy gossip rag was the page where a random D-list celebrity shared what was in her purse. Inevitably, whoever this woman was, she had three or four lip products in her bag—usually including a tube of ChapStick or a tub of Carmex. When it comes to lip balm, they’re the heavyweights.

But all-natural company Noya wants to change that. With a lip balm formula that comes in a variety of different flavors, Noya is trying to expand your purse’s horizons. Will the product—of which I was provided the flavors Spearmint and Vanilla for review—replace your old favorites?

For my thoughts, read on!

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