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About Face: Review of JĀSÖN Apricot, Rosewater body washes

JasonApricotRosewaterBodyWash ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceAs Earth Day approaches, think about switching up your beauty routine to something a little more natural. Fragrant, foamy body washes from JĀSÖN will help ease your transition. 

By Roxana Hadadi

Happy almost Earth Day! Hopefully your Tuesday, April 22, will include a bit more Earth-consciousness than normal. Be sure to recycle. Maybe use less water than usual. And consider trying out some brands that use natural ingredients in their beauty products, like JĀSÖN.

I will be honest: I had not heard about JĀSÖN until I received their body washes for review. But I’m so impressed by their story: for decades the brand (JĀSÖN means “healer” in Greek) has been using “wholesome ingredients” like aloe vera, peppermint oil, bamboo powder, and more to create products that pertain to their particular “Code of Honor.” They never test on animals, use gentle ingredients, and constantly test products to make sure they’re efficient.

To see for myself, I received JĀSÖN body washes in Apricot and Rosewater to try out. And as Earth Day approaches, I’ll try to review one other set of environmentally conscious products on About Face. Stay tuned!

For my thoughts on JĀSÖN body washes, read on!

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