About Face: Review, swatches of JK Jemma Kidd Air Kiss Shine Lipgloss and Stain, Flush, Blush Concentrate

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JKJemmaKiddAirShineLipglossStainFlushBlushConcentrate ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceBritish beauty maven Jemma Kidd is making strides into the U.S. market with her brand JK Jemma Kidd appearing on Target shelves, but the pricey Air Shine Lipgloss and Stain, Flush, Blush Concentrate aren’t equally impressive.

By Roxana Hadadi

Whenever I go to Target, I’m inevitably drawn to two places: the DVD section (so many $5 movies!) and the beauty aisles. To be honest, I could get lost in Target’s cosmetics shelves forever. The store has been really aggressive during the past few years in expanding its beauty offerings, and I’m always curious to see what new items pop up in my local Target.

Since last year, one specific brand has consistently caught my eye: JK Jemma Kidd. The British brand has been rolling out in Target since 2008, and the collection, with its lip glosses and blushes, popped out at me with its pretty neon pink packaging and stark black lettering. I’m a sucker for that kind of put-together simplicity, and I started reading more about Jemma Kidd, a British makeup artist who runs her own school for aspiring professionals. The JK Jemma Kidd brand, according to Kidd’s website, is an avenue for her to combine her “personal expression of fashion, style and design,” and its products are supposed to incorporate “hi-fashion, statement colour and the latest runway trends, bringing the catwalk to the sidewalk. The brand lets women experiment with backstage looks while making hi-colour and fashion-forward beauty accessible to all.”

I’ve written about some JK Jemma Kidd products before for About Face—I-Sculpt Shadow & Liner, Lip ID Colour Adapt Gloss, and Show Stopper Year Round Body Glow—but for this review I decided to focus on two of the brand’s most accessible products: Air Kiss Shine Lipgloss and Stain, Flush, Blush Concentrate. Lip gloss and blush are two products a brand absolutely has to get right, so I wanted to see how JK Jemma Kidd did.

How did the products hold up? Read my review to find out!