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MORCosmeticsBasilandGrapeHandandBodyWashCassisNoirLipMacaron ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceAustralian brand MOR Cosmetics creates products in luxurious scents like Italian blood orange, lychee flower, black cherry plum, and candied vanilla almond. But the brand’s Hand & Body Wash and Lip Macaron aren’t equally great.

By Roxana Hadadi

I don’t have much reason to know anything about Australia, outside of Baz Luhrmann’s film “Australia” and episodes of “House Hunters International” that I watch with my mom (living in Sydney: so expensive!). But I am paying more attention to the continent now that I’ve started experimenting with products from MOR Cosmetics, an Australian company created by designers Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor in 1998. The pair uses “old ingredients with modern technologies” to promote “an awakening of the senses with an innovative twist in the creation of every product. … Each collection is inspired by the stories of ancient civilizations, by-gone eras, travel, art, cuisine and future technology allowing the creation of a unique story.”

That “unique story” comes in a variety of intriguing fragrances, including royal mulberry, white hydrangea, Italian blood orange, snow gardenia, lychee flower, marshmallow, kale and watercress, cucumber and casaba, honey nectar, black currant iris, sugar rose tiger lily, and candied vanilla almond. MOR Cosmetics puts those fragrances in products like soaps, body butter, scented candles, hand cream, and body scrub, and I’ve gushed about the gorgeous packaging of their soaps in a previous post.

But how about their Hand & Body Wash and Lip Macaron, two products that women would probably use most often? I took MOR Cosmetics’ Hand & Body Wash in Basil & Grape and Lip Macaron in Cassis Noir for a spin, and to be honest, my results were a little mixed.

For my reviews of MOR Cosmetics’ Hand & Body Wash and Lip Macaron, read on!