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SoniaKashukBodyItems ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceSonia Kashuk expands its beauty line for Target with bath and body items in a variety of fragrances. At less than $10 each, are they worth picking up?

By Roxana Hadadi

Have you ever tried any Sonia Kashuk makeup for Target? If so, you should; I’ve long documented my affection for their products on About Face. I’ve advised that you check out their lipstick and nail polish; tinted lip balm; and lip pencils, and now, I’m telling you to go out and try the new bath and body line for Target. As in, immediately. Go right now!

The bath and body line, which launched late last year, includes body washes and lotions in four fragrances and a variety of bodycare accessories, including a loofah and an exfoliating mitten. For review, I was provided with the exfoliating mitten and Red Promisia body crème wash, but I wish I could have tried out more! I fell really hard for these items.

For my thoughts on the new Sonia Kashuk bath and bodycare line, read on!