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About Face: Review, swatches of Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss, Lip Shine

BurtsBeesLipglossLipShine ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceBurt’s Bees branches out of lip balm with their Lip Gloss and Lip Shine. In a variety of colors and finishes, will they be new your budget-friendly favorite?

By Roxana Hadadi

Burt’s Bees lip balm is one of those ubiquitous products that I think practically every woman owns. The various flavors—from original beeswax to special ones, like pomegranate—are affordable (about $3 per tube), taste great, and last forever; I’ve only fully used two whole tubes of Burt’s Bees in the past five or six years, but I always have a couple in my purse. They’re just solid, no-fuss products.

But as the Burt’s Bees company has grown, they’ve expanded from their first original beeswax lip balm to newer Lip Gloss and Lip Shine products. Available in a variety of finishes and shades, these are considerably “fancier” than the beeswax balm and cost more, too. But do the natural ingredients and high shine factor make up for that higher price?

Burt’s Bees provided me with a few samples of both the Lip Gloss and Lip Shine to test out, and I have some thoughts. For my review, read on!

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