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About Face: Review, swatches of new Hard Candy eye and lip products

HardCandySpring2013Launches ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceDrugstore brand Hard Candy launched a slew of new products for spring 2013, from cream eyeshadows to glittery lip glosses. The price is right—but is the quality there?

By Roxana Hadadi

I will readily admit that Walmart makes me anxious. I’m not good in crowd settings, and the store is always so busy, and I’m just a nervous person. Costco is a similar experience, but at least they have samples! And yet, I may have to reevaluate my position, given how surprisingly good the new products from Walmart-exclusive brand Hard Candy are. My expectations? Totally blown out of the water.

Let me back-track: For ’90s kids like myself, Hard Candy was an edgy, almost dangerous cosmetics brand when I was young. I remember the items being outside of my price but just so cool; nail polishes came packaged with plastic rings, the brand had purple lipstick (a huge no-no in the Hadadi household), and I thought it would all make me feel very grownup. One of my mother’s friends got me a Hard Candy nail polish for a birthday one year and I treasured it immensely. Plus, a pair of Iranian sisters—Iranian like me!—created the brand, so I always felt a special kind of camaraderie with them.

But then I went to high school and then college and I lost track of Hard Candy for a while, as they eventually entered the mass market by becoming a Walmart-only brand. Now with hundreds of products sold at very affordable prices—pretty much everything is about $10 or less—Hard Candy is offering everything from lip gloss to cream eyeshadow. I tried the brand’s CC crème a few weeks ago and wasn’t impressed in the least, but what about other items that I received for review, like their Shadow Dancers Liquid to Powder Eyeshadow and Lip Def Lip Lacquer? Thankfully, my hopes were fulfilled, and I don’t have to completely write off my nostalgia for the brand quite yet.

For swatches and my review of Hard Candy’s spring 2013 products, read on!

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