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About Face: Reviews of L.A. Christine and NUDE Skincare face oils

FaceOilsLAChristineNo3 NUDEProGenius ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFacePutting oil on your face may seem a bit counterproductive, but will treatment oils from L.A. Christine and NUDE Skincare help your skin look smooth and luminous? Or are their prices too high for their promises?

By Roxana Hadadi

I have never considered putting oil on my face; since my teenage years, hasn’t my goal been to get all that extra shine off of my skin instead of adding to it? But I wouldn’t be surprised if my regimen—which includes facewash, scrub, makeup-removing wipes, toner, astringent, etc.—was actually drying out my face and depriving it of the very oil it needs. Maybe that would explain why the apples of my cheeks are sometimes dryer than my chin, or why my T-zone is consistently oily. My skin just can’t figure itself out.

And yet here come face oils, advertising themselves as a kind of cure-all product—capable of relieving dryness, treating redness, and restoring luminosity to the skin. Skincare companies L.A. Christine and NUDE Skincare provided me with samples of their recently launched face oils for review, and I used each oil every day for three weeks before comparing my results.

So how did each oil fare? Did they better my skin, or was I just needlessly putting more grease on my face? For my thoughts, click through!

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