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About Face: Spend on cosmetics with more-than-Halloween mileage

HalloweenCosmetics ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceHalloween comes just once a year, but the variety of cheaply made, aggressively priced holiday-themed makeup is vast. This time around, invest in products that you won’t want to ditch on Nov. 1.

By Roxana Hadadi

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

OK, so those lines are technically from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which is more of a Christmas movie than a Halloween movie. But still! The holiday of candy, pumpkins, and black lipstick is now less than a week away, this year falling on a Wednesday. And, since it’s my favorite holiday of the year, I’m pretty excited.

But I know, in terms of makeup, that it can certainly get overwhelming when Halloween rolls around. If you’ve ever stepped into a drugstore during the month of October (which, duh, I’m sure you have), you know the shelves get stocked with cheaply made, expensively priced cosmetics that are meant to tie into your costume. Gloppy eyeshadows, bleeding lipsticks, and thick, smelly nail polishes are the name of the game.

Sure, they may work with your outfit now. But what are you going to do with them on Nov. 1? It’s not like those kinds of cosmetics have a long shelf life. So are they just going to gather space in your bathroom, or end up wasting your wallet? Neither of those is a good option.

So this year, consider high-quality Halloween-themed products, which can either be on the cheaper side of things (Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips, for example) or more of an investment item (like Make Up For Ever liquid lipstick). But you won’t be itching to throw these cosmetics out even before the Halloween candy is gone—I think you’ll like them more than that.

For my picks for this Halloween, read on!

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