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About Face: Spend on cosmetics with more-than-Halloween mileage

Halloween-themed hair

HalloweenHair ChesapeakeFamilyAboutFaceLeft to right: COLORSMASH Hair Shadow in Firecracker, So Jaded, Je Ne Sais Quoi

One of the best recurring memories from my youth is, every year, convincing my parents to buy me those spray paint-like bottles of hair dye for Halloween. I always got ridiculous colors like bright demon red (I really do think that was the actual name of the shade) and super glittery silver, sprayed them all over my hair, spread a horrible smell throughout the house, and forgot to take a shower before I slept that night, so the color smeared all over my sheets. Sorry, Mom and Dad. But thanks for indulging my weirdness.

Temporary hair technology has evolved since I was a child, though, and now we have things like COLORSMASH Hair Shadow, a sophisticated line of shadows for your hair. Chalking, ombre, and dying the tips of your hair have all been recent trends, and you can achieve them all with COLORSMASH, available in a number of different shades. Just rub the product (which has the consistency of powder eyeshadow) through segments of dry hair and set it with hair spray; it won’t bleed or fade, and you can easily shampoo it out later. For a temporary color junkie like me, it’s an easy, accessible way to switch up my look—and for children who want dyed hair for their Halloween costumes, this means you don’t actually have to deal with anything permanent.

My favorite shades are neon red Firecracker, deep green teal So Jaded, and electric pink Je Ne Sais Quoi; they show up well on my black hair, and sometimes I use them for a weekend or night out. Because I’m 25 years old and I still want to be Jem and have friends that are holograms.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: COLORSMASH Hair Shadows, $15 each at ConditionCulture.com.

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