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Acupuncture: Safe for Children?

 Getting Over the Needle Thing

“I was a little nervous that it would hurt the first time,” Sienna said, “but there was no pain. I didn’t even feel it.”  Although the needles are about as thin as a human hair practitioners may use acupressure instead of needles for children with extreme needle phobia. “We also tend not to use needles on patients who are younger than about four,” said Sara Poldmae an Annapolis based acupuncturist with special training in pediatrics. “Sometimes children are absolutely fine with treatment and they’re actually really excited about it,” she said. 

Even children with autism, which is often associated with low tolerance for sensory stimulation, are intrigued by the needling according to Dr. Lana Warren. She is the vice president of clinical programs at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, and she just concluded a study on acupuncture use with autistic children. Warren’s results have not been officially reported yet, but all of the families voluntarily completed the full eight weeks of treatment and “several of the families continued to pursue acupuncture following the close of the study,” she said.

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