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Be More Than Their Doctor, Become a Part of Their Family stethoscope

You can increase your patient base in
3 Targeted, Tested and Trusted Ways reaching the loyal readers of Chesapeake Family magazine:

1. The Big Book of Family Health

Published in December of each year

One of our most popular annual publications, The BIG Book of Family Health provides Maryland residents with all the information they need to make critical health care choices for their families. Last year's issue flew off of the shelves in only two weeks. Make sure you're practice is included.

This glossy, high-quality, high-impact publication will include:

  • Building a First Aid Kit for the Family
  • Teen Anger
  • Backyard Swingset Safety
  • Should Your Child Try an Alternative Medicine? (includes Chiropractic)
  • The Nightly Grind: Don’t Lose Sleep Over Nighttime Teeth Grinding
  • Family Health Care Directory
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2. Family Favorite Docs

Published in the July issue

The Chesapeake Family List of over 600 of Maryland's Family Favorite Doctors and Health Care Providers was compiled as a result of  our readers' nominations. Click here to see if you made the list and what local parents had to say about your practice.. These are the providers think are the best and recommend to their friends. Parent tested, parent suggested these professionals have been chosen as the ones who are the best at taking care of families.

 3. Online Health Care Directory

Your practice can become a part of the leading online, local, social network among women ages 25-54 with an online profile in the health directory. With over 100,000 pageviews each month and reader comments with reviews, the health directory is the first place local women search for health care information. Comments from Family Favorite Docs are included in each paid directory listing.

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