Publication and Event Deadlines

Publications and Events

Chesapeake Family - Jan: Preschool Directory   Dec 8
Summer Camp Fair Table Reservation - Early Bird
Dec 31
Chesapeake Family - Feb: Overnight Camp Directory  Jan 8
Chesapeake Family - Mar: Day Camp Directory Feb 8
Chesapeake Family - April: Greening Your Family, Camps Mar 8
Chesapeake Family - May: Birthday Party Directory, Camps   Apr 8
100 Days of Summer (Memorial Day - Labor Day)
Apr 20
BIG Book of Family Health on stands Aug 28
July 15
Chesapeake Family - June: Summer Day Trips
May 8
Chesapeake Family - July: Favorite Doctors
June 8
Chesapeake Family - Aug: After school/enrichment Directory July 8
BIG Book of Education on stands Sept 28
July 30
Chesapeake Family - Sept: Education Aug 8
Chesapeake Family - Oct: School Open Houses Sept 8
Chesapeake Family - Nov: Private School Directory Oct 8
BIG Book for Families on stands Jan 28
Nov 24
Countdown through the Holidays (Thanksgiving-New Year's)
Oct 31
Chesapeake Family - Dec: Holiday Events Nov 8
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